Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important and here's what we promise you in order to keep your personal information safe.


This privacy policy sets out our commitment to our customers regarding how we will store and use your data. will not collect or store personal information about you unless it is deemed strictly required in order to provide you with the service you have signed up for. We also promise not to forward or to sell your details to a third party. We will not contact you unless it is for the sole purpose of informing you about changes to any of the policies that govern the use of or to inform you of service updates - such as payment is due (for subscription services only).

In order to provide you with a complete and secure service will ask for some information from you when you create your account.

  • Your name. Please provide this as you would like it to be presented on your planner. For example Mr Smith, Mrs Jones, Ms Green or Dr Lewis.
  • E-mail address. This will be used for identification purposes and to contact you in certain circumstances (please see above).

For site accounts the following information will also be required.

  • School name. This is needed for school accounts so that we can confirm to new members that they have joined the correct site.
  • School postcode. Again, this is used to confirm that the user has joined the correct site. It is also useful for establishing the validity of requests through the contact us pages.
  • School number. This is useful for establishing the validity of requests through the contact us pages. will not collect or store any other information about you or your use of this site.

Although is based in the UK and is governed by the UK Data Protection Act your data may be stored elsewhere.


It is important that in the use of you do not enter any data that could be thought of as a breach of another's privacy or that could be used against them if your account with us should be compromised. To that extent there are some guidelines below about the type of information that you should NOT put into your planner.

  • Details that could be used to identify an individual - such as their full name, date of birth or address.
  • Specific details of activities that might be taking place outside of the classroom. For example, to say that you are on a trip to Blethcley Park with Year 9, arriving at 11am and departing at 3pm with Gordon's coaches would be too much detail should your account be compromised. It is better to say something more vague such as 'Trip to Bletchley'.
  • Do not provide specifics of pupils' special needs as these details could appear on your screen during a lesson or could be embarrassing for the pupil if your account is compromised. If you need to make a note of something use a code that you have developed yourself as an aid to your memory.

No service is completely secure and while takes security seriously you should take a few simple steps to keep your account safe.

  • Ensure you choose a secure password. Here's a site that includes some very good advice about how to choose a good password.
  • Do not disclose your password to anyone.